Chiropractic is an approach to health that focuses on restoring normal motion and function of the joints in the body and the muscles that move them. That includes all joints, not just the spine. That is what we treat – all joints.

Dr. Fletch incorporates a chiropractic system known as Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK is a unique advanced approach that uses diagnostic muscle testing to find the underlying cause of structural imbalances and instabilities that could be causing a patient’s pain. Weak muscles, whether from new or old injuries, atrophy, improper use, neurological problems, or even nutritional imbalances, cause compensations. Other muscles, both antagonistic and synergistic to the weak muscle(s), become tight and over-taxed. These changes lead to restricted movements and changes in the function of joints and surrounding tissues. This leads to pain due to abnormal stress on the joints. In turn, these patterns lead to re-injury and new injuries, and very often, degenerative changes (arthritis) over time.

Our approach is to find the imbalances a patient has, determine the cause of those imbalances, and restore normal muscle, joint, and nerve function using various techniques to fix the cause of the problem. In addition to manual therapy at the office, we use personalized exercises, dietary advice, and lifestyle modifications.
We believe it’s a better long-term solution to make patients active in their rehabilitation, understanding what to do and why things impact their health. The goal is to help patients regain stability, strength, balance, and flexibility and empower them to further their health and longevity.