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A chiropractor is a licensed doctor who doesn’t use drugs but instead addresses his patient’s health using manual therapy, exercise, nutrition and management of lifestyle habits. A chiropractor specializes in treating a variety of ailments in the body, ranging from low back pain and knee pain to carpal tunnel and migraines.

Not Your Typical Chiropractic Office

Chiropractic is an approach to health that focuses on restoring normal motion and function of the joints in the body and the muscles that move them. That includes all joints, not just the spine. That is what we treat – all joints. Dr. Fletch incorporates a chiropractic system known as Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK is a unique advanced approach that uses diagnostic muscle testing to find the underlying cause of structural imbalances and instabilities that could be causing a patient’s pain. Weak muscles, whether from new or old injuries, atrophy, improper use, neurological problems, or even nutritional imbalances, cause compensations. Other muscles, both antagonistic and synergistic to the weak muscle(s), become tight and over-taxed. These changes lead to restricted movements and changes in the function of joints and surrounding tissues. This leads to pain due to abnormal stress on the joints. In turn, these patterns lead to re-injury and new injuries, and very often, degenerative changes (arthritis) over time. Our approach is to find the imbalances a patient has, determine the cause of those imbalances, and restore normal muscle, joint, and nerve function using various techniques to fix the cause of the problem. In addition to manual therapy at the office, we use personalized exercises, dietary advice, and lifestyle modifications. We believe it’s a better long-term solution to make patients active in their rehabilitation, understanding what to do and why things impact their health. The goal is to help patients regain stability, strength, balance, and flexibility and empower them to further their health and longevity

“My goal is to go Beyond Sports while addressing injuries and performance and teach and establish healthy habits, which ensure optimal health for a lifetime of activity”
Dr. Fletch

Dr. Sean Fletch’s journey into health care started after chiropractic rehabilitated his fractured neck from a football injury to three more years playing cornerback for the University of Guelph Gryphons. After Guelph, Dr. Fletch graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1995 and then studied acupuncture in Sri Lanka, which at the time was the only comprehensive postgraduate course outside of China and which taught in English.


Dr. Fletch, even as an athlete in university, began to understand the importance of nutrition related to optimal performance. For this reason, he has constantly pursued hundreds of hours of post-graduate education in clinical nutrition. Beyond nutrition and acupuncture, his post-graduate training includes certifications in 3D motion biomechanics and multiple certifications in Golf Fitness, including running a program with the Canadian PGA, certifying over 250 golf professionals in golf fitness and the relationship between swing mechanics and body limitations.

With a passion for nutrition and fitness, optimizing the health and wellness of patients has always been a natural fit for Dr. Fletch and his practice. Through his career Dr. Fletch has consulted for and worked with a number of professional teams and athletes along with young aspiring ones and their parents. From his experience using 3D motion analysis to analyze and work with elite athletes, he understands how optimal movement patterns are the key for both performance and longevity whether it be for normal gait into your senior years or throwing a 90+ mph fastball.

“In a pursuit of a career, athletes are often taught exercises and lifestyle habits that will NOT serve them well in a life beyond sports”. The reality is that the majority of even high-end young athletes will never make a living as an athlete. But in their pursuit of an athletic career, they are often taught exercises and lifestyle habits that will NOT serve them well in life beyond sports. Very few of them understand how sleep and nutrition, and stress management impact not only their health but their performance – this often even includes those in the professional ranks. Exercises typically focus on power, speed and strength with lesser emphasis on range of motion and coordination of movement. Nutrition often focuses on bulking up and popular gimmicks for energy and building bigger muscles rather than the simple basics that are not only foundational but necessary for tissue repair and growth.

In all cases it is Dr. Fletch’s goal to go Beyond Sports while addressing injuries and performance and teach and establish healthy habits, which ensure optimal health for a lifetime of activity. Dr. Fletch remains committed to a healthy lifestyle, getting adjusted every other week, and remains active by playing hockey, and golf, and actively maintaining his own fitness in the gym and on the altitude simulator. He has always felt it critical that he actually practices what he implements and teaches to his clients, thereby leading by example.

Concussion Management:

In 2009 due to the common occurrence of concussion injuries among the many athletes he treated Dr. Fletch began studying the best ways to manage concussions. Dr. Fletch was the first chiropractor certified to use the Impact Test. ImPACT is North America’s most widely used cognitive test in all professional sports. Dr. Fletch has since been included as a speaker in ImPACT Test Applications post-graduate clinical training programs. He has cognitively baseline-tested thousands of amateur and professional athletes and has treated hundreds of concussions to clearance and return to play.

In 2020 he joined Complete Concussion’s Network. Dr. Fletch’s goal is to educate his community on the value of pre-injury baseline testing for all athletes. Additionally, through education, how to best manage concussion injuries. Concussion management is a rapidly and constantly evolving healthcare field. A concussion should be actively managed and is critical to an earlier return from injury and the prevention of chronic symptoms that concussed individuals are both evaluated and initiated into active rehab within the first couple of days post-injury.

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