3D Motion Analysis

3D Motion Analysis (3DMA) is a precise and objective measuring tool used to analyze human movement and is a direct assessment of biomechanical function. If slow-motion frame-by-frame video was compared to x-ray, 3DMA is like taking an MRI of an athlete’s motion. It tells us about dynamic joint ranges of motion and stability patterns, when muscles are firing, and how efficiently an athlete produces and transfers power during a given athletic activity.
Physical screening, examination, and testing is an excellent way to quantify the strength, size, endurance, and even power production capacity of an athlete – the SIZE of the engine. 3DMA addresses the EFFICIENCY of the engine.
3DMA can be used to evaluate any action or movement. We already have an established data base in a number of sports and skilled athletic actions; throwing, jumping, running, swing/hitting (baseball and golf, hockey), skating, volleyball serve, tennis serve, kicking, shot putt, lacrosse throw, cycling and more. 3D is a simple method to evaluate an athlete actually in their performance environment (on the ice, on the field, on the tee etc.) This is a direct measurement of their performance and quantifies the physical movement of their skill as it relates to efficiency, physical potential, injury risk and sustainability.