What We Can Help You With

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Everyday Care

At Beyond Sports we can help you with your everyday needs whether it is about getting out of pain or becoming fit and improving your overall health. We utilize unique tools and experience from working with elite athletes and performance; Concussion Management and Brain Exercises, Injury Management, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

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Professional Athlete Care

At Beyond Sports we can help both the professionals and weekend warriors get back in the game faster and stay there; 3D Motion and Biomechanical Performance Analysis, Concussion Management and Mental Reaction Performance, Injury Rehab and Treatment.

Welcome to Beyond Sports

At Beyond Sports we use traditional manual techniques but can also offer high tech adjusting using the “Pro-Adjuster”, which eliminates the need for twisting or cracking. Our clinic also provides a variety of wellness programs and physical therapy and rehab to complement you the patients complete care.

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At Beyond Sports we are well known for our spinal care and sports rehab.

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Concussion Management and Prevention

We have baseline tested over 2000 athletes and treated hundreds of concussions. We focus on concussion management and a safe and objective return to play/learn.

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3D Motion Analysis

3D Motion Analysis makes it possible to observe how people move when they are playing sports. Computers can be used to track movement.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Dr Fletch’s initial assessment of my condition was extremely comprehensive and systematic. Over the course of a few weeks he gave me adjustments and taught me exercises that I can do in my own time to work towards fixing my weaknesses and imbalances that have held me back for years. I’m noticeable getting stronger and more pain free with his treatment and exercised routines than with any other doctor/therapist Ive been to. He also helped me to understand the causes of my pain and build a mental picture of the dysfunction the movement of parts of my body, which helped me to understand how I should be using my muscles for basic and complicated movements during training. He’s very knowledgeable and experienced, would definitely recommend him to anyone who has any pains and or for those who’d like to correct imbalances or improve their training in sports or otherwise.

H. Parmar
Very professional and extremely helpful. Went the extra mile to address some very debilitating injuries. Saw me after hours to aleviate headaches that did not allow me to compete. Dr. Fletch also helped me with some functional exercises to help me perform in my sport of choice at a level that I could not have attained without him. His knowledge of the body and how it works is world class.
Ryan Klassen